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The easiest way to wear a leather jacket

A leather jacket is definitely a must have piece for the colder months. It’s comfortable, warm and can elevate an otherwise simple outfit. There are endless ways to style a leather jacket however I find whenever I wear mine I pair it with really basic pieces (a t-shirt and jeans) so the jacket stands out. It’s also the perfect piece to wear over a more formal/dressy outfit when you’re heading out the door.

I personally would recommend investing in a real leather jacket despite the fact that they’re pricey. When purchasing mine I thought of the fact that I would have it for many years and that it will last a lot longer than my faux leather one. I wore my fake one for many years but the difference between that and my real leather jacket was noticeable from the first time I wore it. 100% worth it.

Jacket: here  (currently on sale for such a good price!!)

Jeans: here

Shoes : here









By Sophie K.

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