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Menswear for the Colder Months

With New Zealand hitting winter hard, its time for men to start putting the layers on. And no, that doesn’t mean pulling out the oversized hoodie from your high school days or an old polar fleece that you still believe does the trick. Men, I know a lot of you are opposed to wearing a fitted coat with a scarf, but trust me, it will look 100x better than that old fleece you’ve been wearing for years. Below are my menswear must haves for the chilly season; bombers, coats, and essential accessories.

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  1. The Bomber. The perfect lightweight jacket for those days where the sun is out and there’s no need for a heavy coat. Bombers like the three above can be found in most shops either online or in a store. From left to right you can find these bombers here, here and here.



2. The Coat in three forms: the classic trench, the peacoat and the rain coat. Essentially, it would be best to own all three types, as all are easy to wear and can be dressed up for work or a night out or can be dressed down for a casual look. I personally think that navy, camel and grey look best. Although black goes with everything, it’s only going to make a dull day duller. I highly recommend buying a coat in a classic style like the three above as good quality ones are not always cheap. You want to buy one you’ll continue to wear season after season as they never go out of style. These three coats can be found here, here and here.


3. Accessories. I really don’t care what people say about mean wearing gloves and scarves, I love how it looks and it always helps with completing an outfit. A scarf like the one above will look good over any coat or jacket. Gloves, especially on those frosty mornings are always the best idea. Finally, a beanie. Obviously, an umbrella is another good choice as New Zealand weather is unpredictable, especially in winter. Grey is not the colour you have to get these items in, I just think the colour goes with everything so it would fit into any outfit choice. All three items are from Country Road, which is not the cheapest store, however you are paying for high quality items which will see you through many seasons. Find these, here, here and here.

I hope this has helped out, obviously in the colder months, outwear is more important as that’s what you’re going to be wearing majority of the time. I hope I haven’t offended anyone that can’t get enough of their polar fleeces and Swandri’s! For more inspiration during the colder months, take a look here.

By Sophie K.

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